Social Media Promotion refers to the process of gaining attention through social media sites.

Our Social Media Marketing Programmes focus upon creating content that attracts attention and that encourages readers to share it with their social network(s). As this form of marketing is driven by word-of-mouth, it results in earned media rather than paid media. Further benefits of social media marketing include the fostering of brand awareness, and the improvement of customer service.

Among the platforms that your App can be promoted upon include:

- Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, MySpace, and Yelp.

* Please note that Doctot's offerings are not solely restricted to the above, as the firm continuously explore new developments in the digital landscape to further ensure the effective delivery of your communication and business objectives.


This term refers to online communications and the overall internet delivery tactics of a message. ‘Word of mouth’ marketing originated from conversational brand promotion, with the natural transition from ‘mouth’ to ‘mouse’ occurring, as more interactions began to happen online (especially in tech-savvy industries such as the Mobile App one).

Doctot can promote both visual and written content upon your App on:


– relevant App Stores

– Wikipedia

In addition, our Web Campaigns can be tailored to incorporate the following:

– App Store Search Optimisation

– Email Marketing

– Customer Service Interaction

– Forum Participation

– Directory Registration


Public Relations involves developing and maintaining a hospitable, friendly public environment for the App. When placed in the hands of interested media professionals, succinct and newsworthy press releases really do help to bring both name recognition and public trust to an App.

Therefore, we feel it is very much worthwhile to use press releases to reach both the App's Primary Public (i.e. media, reporters, editors, and producers) and Ultimate Public (i.e. customers, investors, local community, consumer groups, suppliers, government and other stakeholders). Here, we reach the targeted audience by sending differing press releases (that are more appropriate and more appealing) to the relevant media concerning both the field of business (i.e. medicine, business, apps, news) and location (i.e. regional, national and international).

Among those who are typically targeted are:

– Appropriate Niche Blogs

– HCP Trade Magazines

– Newspapers

– Radio & TV Stations

The App (with accompanying information) can also be offered to a number of appropriate sites for review.


Sales Promotion is the process of persuading a potential customer to buy a product. Sales promotion is typically utilised as a short-term tactic to boost sales. Among the SP strategies that we typically employ include:

- Competitions

- Packaging

- Allocation of Free Promo Codes

EXTRA: Upon request, we can also provide an additional marketing service where we design, print and deliver high-end Promotional Cards. Distributing these to prescribing

physicians to enable them to download the App, these cards increase the reach and frequency of interactions your organisation will have with such Health Care Professionals.

Upon these cards would be displayed:

- The Sponsors Brand

- The App's QR code

- Instructions on how to use this QR code, including directions to downloading a QR reader (for users unfamiliar with the process)

- A personalised greeting to each individual doctor

- A generic message to the doctor


To further market the App, within we can include additional

promotional features, such as the following:

- Tell-A-Friend In-App Feature,

- Facebook In-App Feature,

- Twitter In-App Feature,

- Appirater

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